Discourse on Flipping Out

by Tyler Suchman on August 27, 2009

Let’s assume right off the bat you’re going to flip out at least once.

As a business owner, you wear virtually every hat in the company, and you are making decisions about products and services, you are dealing with vendors, clients, partners and media simultaneously, and even though you know its critically important, you don’t even want to THINK about the website being built for you.

It just feels so overwhelming building a new site – so many decisions to make, while swimming in a sea of technology, buzz words and tools that are at best unfamiliar and at worst downright scary.

And so at some point in the process, you flip out.

The process has too many steps, too many choices, not enough choices, an imperfect first draft, a formatting issue and you throw up your hands, want to give up, apologize for not fitting into a little box, call the designer an amateur and maybe use a choice swear word or two to drive your point home.

That’s the point at which we take a deep breath together, communicate in an honoring and respectful way, and get through the challenges and choices you need to make hand-in-hand.

Here at Dennison+Wolfe, we’re trying to make the process ever easier while still providing you a personalized site that fits like a glove with all the features you need to make your business a success at a highly competitive price point.

We’re affordable, professional, creative, responsive and patient. How those traits are ordered by importance will be different for each of our clients. But know that we are committed to you, your business and the great service that goes with it. And if you totally flip out, together we’ll get through it just fine.

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