WP wins CMS award

by Tyler Suchman on November 20, 2009

Last week, WordPress won the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award. Fantastic. Wonderful. Kudos. So what does it mean?

CMS stands for “content management system”. That means that one or more people can be given access to a website, where they can log in over the internet, and create, edit and delete content through a web-based interface. The real-world implication of this is that a company website built on WordPress has lower maintenance costs, quicker turnaround on content changes and no psychological or financial barrier to adding fresh content on a regular basis.

Why WordPress? WP got its start as simple blogging software. The user interface itself simple and easy-to-use. As WordPress evolved, the core development team kept that commitment to an easy-to-use interface, at the same time a robust developer community grew around the platform to extend its functionality.

How does that happen? WordPress is open source (as the award indicates) which means that the code is accessible to any developer, and the whole platform can be downloaded for free and hosted on virtually any server. So a developer may like WordPress but needs it to do something specific for a client. The developer can search through thousands of “plug-ins” that extend the functionality of WordPress (like adding contact forms or embedding a Twitter feed or building a sitemap) or can build something from scratch and offer it to the community.

Here at Dennison+Wolfe, we use WordPress as a primary development platform. We’ve funded development of a free Events Manager plugin, our Chief Creative Officer is an award-winning WordPress developer, and we continue to push the envelope of what’s already a great CMS on behalf of our clients.

If you are looking for an affordable, professional website that you can update yourself, WordPress is a great fit, and we’d like to think Dennison+Wolfe Internet Group is too. When you’re ready, Start The Process.

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