The Process FAQ’s

How We Work

Our goal is to provide value and professionalism many times greater than what you would expect for our low fees. Which means we operate a bit differently than what you might expect as well. While we always have someone in charge for you to talk to, how we collect your information is largely automated. While we provide you a unique, professional design, we don’t provide a bunch of different design directions. We cut to the chase, asking the right questions that allow us to build the site that meets your needs.

About Templates

We don’t use pre-designed templates, such as the ones you would find on Yahoo or Costco. You don’t choose the red three-column template and upload your logo. Instead, we create a unique, personalized look-and-feel for your website, based on a “theme framework”. This framework allows us to stay current with technology updates, create multiple home page and site variations, and manage site-wide content (such as navigation, banners, footer, etc.) efficiently and affordably.

About The Process

Once you Start The Process, we get in touch, set up your account and direct to you an online questionnaire. You will spend some time thinking about your business goals, and answering all the questions we need to provide you a “primary design direction,” including complexity, most important content, feelings and vibe, five-color palette and more. One client called us the “eHarmony of website design,” for our ability to ask just the right questions and fit him with a “perfect match”.

After collecting the information, we start the design and development process. Along the way, we get your buy-in for key steps. As we get closer to launch, we work with you to populate the content on the website, and give you instructions and training to use what is already a very intuitive, user-friendly content management system. When we flip the switch, you’ll have a beautiful new site that meets your needs and hopefully exceeds your expectations.