FAQ: Design

Following are frequently asked questions regarding design process and implementation. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do we select a design template?

No – once we have started the process with you, we direct you to an online questionnaire. You will take some time to answer questions about your business goals and feelings about how content is organized, which informs our process of “information architecture” for your site. For example, we’ll ask you about home page layout, complexity, most important features and more. If your way of thinking about this is more intuitive and creative, rather than linear and structured, that’s ok! We have questions that help draw out this information too. You can also direct us to either sites you find compelling or have specific features of interest.

Do I get a logo? What if I already have one?

We can project manage your custom logo design, or refer you to a cost-effective service that produces great results. We take the relevant information from your client questionnaire, and use an online service that will give you a minimum of 35 different mock-ups, with variations on type style, color palette, motif and more. You own the logo that is created, and it is provided to you in a variety of useful formats, including PSD, TIF, PNG, JPG and whatever else you need.

Full-service corporate identity is a service we do offer, but standard custom logo design is a great option for many small businesses. If you already have a logo, great – we’ll incorporate it into your site at no additional charge. If you don’t want one at all, no problem there either – we’ll use a typeface that fits well with the website.

What will my home page look like?

Our client questionnaire will ask good questions that help us develop a home page that fits your business and personality. Home pages can range in complexity from a single large photo to a news-style site. Take a look at our home page – we use a large image, a tagline and four key selling points, while also creating design consistency with the rest of the site. Our evolving technology platform will soon allow you to select a new home page layout on the fly any time.

What gets personalized?

Because we don’t use design templates, and instead use a “theme framework,” we have a lot of flexibility in the level of personalization we offer. This includes a five-color palette, navigation, one, two or three columns, header, footer, design motif, images, background and more. Because our aesthetic is finding a balance between creativity and simplicity, we generally don’t do radical, unorthodox sites. We focus on organizing information in a way that is intuitive and user-friendly. “Professional with personality” might be a good way to describe our end results.