FAQ: Services

Following are frequently asked questions regarding the our ala carte and included services. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why are your packages so inexpensive?

Having each been involved in web development over a decade, the partners realized that there is a huge amount of inefficiency, and thus cost, wrapped up in the traditional business development and design discovery processes.  By streamlining these more efficiently, we found that we can provide affordable development for any budget, great value for our clients’ money, and a much higher percentage of revenue that goes directly into the website and not into covering business development costs or high company overhead.

Why are your packages so expensive?

We aren’t simply a template factory, where you select one of dozens of templates and drop in a logo, like Yahoo, GoDaddy or even Costco.  We offer a highly personalized approach that includes professional design, information architecture and marketing strategy.   We feel the value of our services and the end result is many times greater than the hard earned money our clients spend with us.

Where can I find out more information about the individual services listed in your Web Packages?

We have descriptions and details for all of our individual services on the Website Package Features page. We also offer Email Newsletter Marketing services on an ala carte basis, or included in our Advanced Web Package.

What’s the difference between “SEO Ready” and “Search Engine Optimization”?

Search Engine Optimization involves analyzing keyword phrases for traffic and usage, and placing them contextually in your pages. (It also involves incoming links, good copywriting and site longevity, which is a topic we’ll expand on in our blog and articles) Making your site SEO Ready means that the database is modified to accept custom meta title and meta description tags, plus some other adjustments, including more search-friendly content presentation right out of the box. So you can try it yourself, hire a third-party SEO expert, or use our services. Our expertise includes nearly a decade of search engine optimization experience.

How is the press release written, and where is it distributed?

We have a professional PR/copywriting expert on staff. We tailor a press release for your company and the purpose it serves, whether you are a new company with a new site, or you are relaunching with a fresh look. We then distribute it on PRWeb.com, where a press release generally receives over 50,000 headline impressions and can be picked up by print media outlets and bloggers.