Website Package Features

We offer the following features in our Web Packages, which start at just $999.

Site Features – we host the domain and the site, and can handle all of the technical details of setting up a new domain or migrating it from another server.

Full-featured WordPress installation – originally known as a top-tier a blogging platform, the core team and large developer base have evolved WordPress into a brilliant, easy-to-use content management system that is robust and user-friendly at the same time. We provide full documentation and hand-holding to manage your own content.

Personalized theme – our Starter Package includes a personalized theme from, where we modify the palette, install the widgets, professionally incorporate your logo and artwork to make the site all your own.

Unique, original design built on Thesis – our Advanced Package includes a design discovery process, iterative screenshots for your approval and Thesis, a powerful “theme framework” that is ideal for original designs.

Personalized home page – we provide a number of home page options that grab your visitors and engage them, whether its a single-image splash page or a marketing-oriented home page with your unique calls-to-action.

Edit and add unlimited pages – we feature the latest version of WordPress, the leading content management system that finds the balance between powerful capabilities and surprising ease of use. We use it, we love it and we think you will too.

Initial page setup – we create the structure of your site, including navigation and ‘containers’ for 5 or 15 pages, depending on the package selected. We will also migrate and set up a few pages in entirety, combined with a comprehensive tutorial, to use as an example, such that the client populates his or her own content. Some clients envision having many dozens of pages; while we do offer unlimited pages created and managed by the client, we set a ceiling on the number of pages initially set up in accordance with our business model of offering extremely competitive pricing. Additional buckets of 10 page containers are offered for $199, 25 page containers are $399.

Contact Us form – avoid mountains of spam and engage your visitors with a professional yet simple web form.

Multi-author Blog – a blog (or diary or journal or town crier – whatever you want to call it) is integrated seamlessly right into your site. Your conversational voice will deliver your message, enhance your reputation, share your corporate culture and provide long-term search engine benefits. We set it up for up to 10 authors, and you can continue to build a virtually unlimited team.

Spam blocking – as websites have gotten more interactive, the amount of spam has gone up – a lot. We employ some clever techniques and technologies to ensure your forms, comments on your blog and your contact area remain spam-free.

Site Backup zip emailed to you weekly – In addition to regular off-site server backups, we can also arrange to have a zip file containing your backed-up site emailed to you on a weekly basis. We do this for redundancy, because you own your site and that we expect to keep your business based on great service, not because we’ve trapped you in.

Search friendly URLs – many sites have URLs with a bunch of numbers and random letters. It gets you to where you need to go, but the professional solution is to have URLs with actual words – it is easier to communicate, and great as a search engine optimization component. You don’t have to do a thing – it just works.

Google Analytics statistics – knowing how many “hits” you get is so 1999. Analytics has a wealth of well-presented yet deep stats for you to improve your site and marketing approach. We install it, set up a custom dashboard for you to check out anytime, and generate a report which you’ll receive by email once a week.

Google Sitemap enabled – the services that submit your website to all of the search engines are a waste of time and money, and they won’t get you better rankings. A proper sitemap allows the search engine spiders to effortlessly see new content and get your pages indexed. You don’t have to do a thing – it just works.

SEO Ready – every page on your website can be search engine optimized, so that it can be more competitive for certain “keyword phrases”. This feature allows you access to the areas on the page that the pros use to “SEO”. We’ll provide you guidance through articles, links and more, so you can do it yourself with no budget.

Flickr Ready – start up a Flickr account or link your existing one. We integrate your photos right into your website. If pictures are worth a thousand words, you might just hit a million words before you’re done.

YouTube/web video Ready – your videos, whether it is a quick 60 seconds in front of your web camera, a professional TV-quality commercial or an extended tour of your facilities, will embed effortlessly in your site, plus you’ll have the added benefit of the exposure on a major video site such as YouTube.

Additional web forms – for our Advanced Package, in addition to the snazzy contact form we provide, we will set additional web forms to your specs. This is great for sales leads, new client signup, surveys and more. Why wait? Try ours out by going to Start The Process.

Events calendar – schedule upcoming events, show a master calendar and embed a small version on every page of the site.

Google Apps for all employees – do you email around spreadsheets and word docs? Do you have trouble coordinating calendars? Do you want to check your email anywhere, including your smartphone? Google has some great web-based services that we will get you set up on, and it’s all your domain –,,

Twitter account with training – we bet you know someone who is “tweeting” these days. Twitter is a “microblogging” service that is great for quick announcements. It sounds superfluous to the uninitiated; its essential to the indoctrinated.

iPhone friendly website – we set up your website to look great when viewed on an iPhone. Try on your iPhone to see what we mean.

Launch with social bookmarks – we set up a dozen incoming links to your site across a number of social bookmarking sites. This should get your site indexed more quickly across the various web search engines, and will provide a modest boost to search engine visibility.

Monthly Features

Email/Gmail addresses – we set up the email accounts just how you like them, whether you use an email program like Outlook, you check them online at Gmail or you use “IMAP” which is great for smartphone users who only want to delete and file emails once. This is done through Google Apps, which you will also have access to.

FTP access – we give you full access to your domain, extra accounts if you need them and plenty of storage to meet your needs.

File storage – need a place to put some company video?  Have some big presentations and corporate reports to post?  No problem, we have you covered.

File transfer bandwidth – not only do our sites run quick, we have “Tier 1” hosting that plugs right into the internet backbone.  Your content will get to your users in a hurry.  We offer our YouTube integration, so that the biggest bandwidth hogs are elsewhere, and we keep your site humming smoothly for everything else.

Regular off-site backups – you’ve heard the horror stories about sites going down and never coming back up, because the hosting provider didn’t have an accurate backup plan.  We’ve got you covered with a partner that has provided impeccable service to us for over half a decade.

Software and plugin updates – your site will run fine even if the software is never updated, but this service keeps your site as fresh as can be, with pleasant little bells-and-whistles showing up all the time.

Free WordPress plugin installed – we can pick one for you, or you can choose one yourself, and if it meets a basic criteria, we’ll be happy to install one for you every month.

Email newsletter marketing – you are going to love our email service – it is incredibly easy to use, looks great, and provides great statistics. We are proud to offer the best email newsletter service anywhere. learn more »

Professional Services Package

Press release with distro – get your website off to a great start with a professionally-written press release unique to your company. Then, we distribute it through PRWeb, where you will receive tens of thousands of media impressions, and the chance to get picked up by news organizations, bloggers and journalists from around the world. We’ve been doing this for a long time now, and we love the results.

Advanced keyword matrix – we identify the most-trafficked “keyword phrases” in your industry, combine that with the ones that make the most sense for your unique business, such as localized phrases, and chart out a series of keyword phrases for each of your top ten pages. Use these for search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, link building and more.

10 pages/posts search engine optimized – we take a set of your most important pages, including the home page, and use the Advanced Keyword Matrix to professionally optimize it. Most web designers have just enough knowledge about optimization to say they do it. We have years of dedicated experience that will help separate you from your competitors.

Email newsletter setup – incredibly robust email newsletter management tools are at your disposal, including a personalized template that matches your website, list management, great stats and a user interface that will give you sweet dreams. learn more »

Custom logo (6+ custom designs) – have you thought about getting a professional logo created, but thought it was too expensive? We partner with some of the world’s most innovative design sites to provide you a solution that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. You will fill out a form that helps identify the “vibe” of your logo, and we’ll come back with at least 6 custom designs from multiple top-tier designers created just for you. (additional fees may apply – see the Comparison Chart)