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“We are so grateful to have such a beautiful & functioning website! Really, we just can’t thank you enough. It was so refreshing to work with you, Tyler. Your ability to fuse our many requests along with your valuable input & years of experience to create such a fantastic site was very impressive. Not to mention Bert’s dutiful work behind the scenes fine tuning every detail with accuracy. Thank you. You make a wonderful team. Dennison+Wolfe – you guys are kick ass and you rock our world.”

—Kasey Lennon, Co-Owner, Papa Lennon’s Pizzeria

“I was referred to Dennison+Wolfe through an ABA listserv and worked with Tyler Suchman last fall in setting up my law firm’s combined website and blog. I was the worst kind of client: I didn’t know anything about websites but still had definite ideas about what I wanted done. I also changed my mind a couple of times, and Tyler was very patient with me throughout the entire process. Tyler was also extremely professional, knowledgeable and responsive. He set up the site so that it is very friendly to search engines, and he has also given me specific tips on what I can do myself to maximize its search engine optimization (SEO). Whenever I have a problem with the website, Tyler gets back to me with a fix usually within a matter of minutes and certainly no longer than a couple of hours. He has also helped me with non-website related stuff. And you can’t beat the price. Colleagues have complained to me that they spent two or three times as much on their websites with far lesser results.”

—Jamison Koehler, Attorney At Law, Washington, DC

“Dennison+Wolfe Internet Group is a top notch web design firm. They stay current on the latest developments in web development and stay ahead of the curve for strategies for keeping our site high in the rankings of the most popular search engines. Interested in more than just providing a service and being paid, D+W offers great ideas to their clients so that they can learn for themselves how to keep their sites at the top of users’ searches. We work directly with Tyler Suchman, a partner of the company, who always responds quickly to our questions, usually within the hour, and takes the time to provide answers in detail, patiently, for our non-computer savvy attorneys. Often, when we don’t know what we want or what type of design would work best for a certain function, Tyler suggests different methods, explains the pros and cons, and even sends us examples of how certain ideas would look. His experience always leads us to the best result. Price-wise, Dennison+Wolfe has given us great value. They charge reasonable fees for excellent services. I know my firm will continue to use D+W for all our website needs and will recommend them to other businesses.”

—Nicole Rekant, Attorney At Law, Pardo Gainsburg, P.L., Miami, FL

“Inspiring, creative and able to implement sound marketing principles, [Dennison+Wolfe] makes the complex not only simple, but easy to do. Working together, we’ve identified a combined longer-term vision accompanied by step-by-step implementation patterns to get things done. Since working together, we’ve implemented strategies I’d only heard about (and some that were brand-new to us) before. [They are] ready and able to help maximize your position and engage your systems in a brand new way.”

—Jason Womack, Co-Founder/CEO, The Womack Company

“I have had many compliments on my site. It is definitely getting me business. Thanks!”

—Barry Tollman, Owner, California Plantscapes

“[Dennison+Wolfe] doesn’t just know what it does, they know how it works, why it works and why it will work better for us. An intuitive instinctual grasp of complex concepts that most of us can only aspire to understand, and an old school work ethic with an uncompromising vision that set them apart from their contemporaries.”

—Jeffrey Weber, Owner, Weberworks Entertainment Group

“Seasoned, creative insight and a perspective on my projects that has enhanced the effectiveness of my work, every time. The experience to provide solutions that work with vision, values and a style of personal leadership that leads to mutual benefit.”

—Jack Stephens, Executive Director, Natural Building Network

“A special thanks to you for your excellent work on the web site. It looks like we’re back again on the cutting edge due to your efforts. I really appreciate what you have done here.”

—Michael K. Mulligan, Head of School, The Thacher School

“The web site’s design has met or exceeded all our expectations, and we can’t wait to share it with all our friends and clients.”

—Dave Intner, Firmitas Architecture & Planning

“Just wanted you to know that the web site is working great, thanks so much.  It has really helped business improve.”

—Gena Dillon, QuarterMileFilms