WordPress Tutorial FAQ

Following are questions that either aren’t answered in the main tutorial, or overlap different sections of the tutorial.

When do I use Edit and Quick Edit for my Pages and Posts?

When you are on the Edit Pages or Edit Posts page in the admin, mouse over one of your items. You will see something like this:

When you click Quick Edit, you can edit the basic info attached to your Page or Post. For example, you can change the title, assign a different Parent Page or Unpublish it. When you Edit, you go to the Edit page for that Page or Post, where you can edit the actual content on the page. Put another way, Quick Edit is convenient for some tasks, but Edit will give you access to all of the information in and around your Page or Post.

Can I hide my Pages and Posts?

You may want to hide a Page or Post for a variety of reasons: it’s in draft mode and you aren’t done composing it, its for an event that hasn’t been announced, or its an expansion of your site that you aren’t ready for. No problem!

Put a Page or Post in Draft mode – when you’re editing your Page or Post, look in the right column “Publish” section. If its already published, you’ll see “Status: Published [Edit]”. Click “Edit”, select Draft from the drop-down menu, click OK, and click the blue Update Post button. The Page or Post should no longer be visible on the site.

How do I order my Pages in the sidebar navigation?

When you are editing a Page, look in the right column below Attributes for a section called “Order”. You can put in a positive or negative number that will order the Pages accordingly. Negative integers (i.e. -10) are “lighter”, rising to the top, and positive integers (i.e. 10) are “heavier” and fall to the bottom.

If your Pages all have an Order of 0, then they are sorted alphabetically. If you change the Order number, then pages start sorting according to your assigned Order number. You may want to leave some gaps in Order numbering for future pages. Here’s an example – the Order numbers are in parentheses:

Products (-10)
Services (-7)
The Team (0)
About Us (3)
Contact Us (6)

The more “negative” a number is, the lighter it is, and thus it floats to the top. The more “positive” a number is, the heavier it is, and thus it sinks to the bottom. This may be a bit confusing at first, so contact us if you have questions.

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