Adding Images to Your Pages and Posts

You can add images to both Pages and Posts. There are some tools to resize images, but it’s best if you size images before uploading them using Photoshop or a free online tool such as Picnik.

When you are editing a Page or Post, first place your cursor in your text where you want the image to appear. If you want your image to appear above or below text, place your cursor before or after a paragraph.

If you want text to wrap around your image, like the following paragraph, then place your cursor just before the first character of the paragraph, but still on the same line.

picture-31Now, click the icon that shows a box within a box right next to “Upload/Insert”. The screen will darken, and you’ll see a pop-up box with the header “Add media files from your computer.”

Note the three tabs at the top. For this tutorial, we’ll assume you are uploading an image from your computer. Click “Select Files.”

When you select the file you want to use, wait a few seconds while the image uploads. You’ll see a snippet of the image, along with a number of options.


Here’s what you have to pay most attention to:

  • Link URL – use this if you want your image to link to another page or website.
  • Alignment – choose None or Center if you want your image before or after your text. Choose Left or Right if you want the image aligned left or right with the text wrapping around it.
  • Insert Into Post – click this to actually insert the image into the Post/Page! If you just click “Save all changes”, you won’t see your image in your Post/Page.

The other attributes (Title, Caption, Description and Size) can all be modified, but aren’t essential. Don’t forget to “Update Page” when you’re done!

How to Edit an Existing Image

If you have embedded an image in a Page or Post and want to edit the size, position, etc., first make sure you are in Visual mode in the admin. When editing your Page or Post, look to the upper right of the main content box, and you should see two tabs: Visual and HTML.

When in Visual mode, you should see the image you embedded earlier. Single click the image, and you will see two buttons in the upper-left of the image. Clicking the left button allows you to Edit the image, and the right button is to Delete the image. Also, the image is now framed by little white boxes which you can click and drag to expand or contract the image.

When you click the Edit button, you will have a number of options. Note the two tabs at the top of the box: Edit Image and Advanced Settings. When you are done with your changes, click Update. You’ll then be back editing the Page or Post. Don’t forget to “Update Page” when you’re done, or your changes won’t be saved.