Posts Tutorial

Posts are best used for time-sensitive information, such as blog entries, news stories, press releases and events.

Organizing Posts


Posts are organized in two primary ways – Categories and Tags. Generally, Categories are broader in scope, and Tags are more specific.

Categories – every Post should be able to fit into at least one Category, and a website might be set up with two to a dozen or so Categories. For example, an artist may have Categories titled Paintings, Drawings, Photos and Performance Art.

Tags – add depth in organizing Posts, and offer a bit more detail than the Categories. For example, the artist may write a Post about a new painting. The Category would be Paintings, and the Tags would be sunset, tropical and romantic.

As you create content for your site, visitors will be able to search by Category or by Tag – for instance a visitor may click on Paintings and see all the Posts assigned to that Category. Tags can span multiple Categories – for example, the visitor may click on sunset, and see a number of paintings, drawings and photos that were tagged with sunset.

When you are in the admin editing or creating a Post, look in the right column to add Tags and select one or more Categories.

Quick Edit

picture-2When you are viewing all of your Posts in the admin (by clicking “edit” under Posts in the left column), you can use a feature called Quick Edit.

You can’t edit everything on your Post, but it does give you quick access to the Title, Categories and Tags, plus a few other goodies.