Your Website is SEO Ready

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most people think of SEO as getting higher rankings in search engine results. Basically, the process is adding context to content, so that Google and the other search engines have a better idea of what your text is all about.

Here’s an example: look at the very top of the browser (not this webpage, but the whole browser window), and you should see this text:

Your Website is SEO Ready | Dennison+Wolfe Internet Group.

That’s called the Meta Title. It is putting the page in context, so you (and Google) have a better idea of what the content on the page is all about.

What is “SEO Ready”?

Your new website already does some things well for Search Engine Optimization. By being “SEO Ready,” you have tools at your disposal to do an even better job on a Page-by-Page (or Post-by-Post) basis.

When you are editing a Page or a Post, scroll down below the main content section, and look for SEO Details and Additional Style. If you don’t see this section, we’ve set up your site slightly differently – keep scrolling towards the bottom and look for the section called All In One SEO Pack. The attributes are as follows:

  • Title (or Custom Title Tag) is the Meta Title as described above. It should be 7-9 words, and focus on two or three keyword phrases (a keyword phrase is two or more keywords, like “blue widgets”). It should have direct relevance to the content on the page.
  • Description is the Meta Description – it is behind the scenes, so you won’t see it anywhere on your site. Where you do see it frequently is the description in your search engine results on Google and other search engines. Use a well-constructed sentence that incorporates your keywords, but still reads like plain English.
  • Keywords are the Meta Keywords – conventional wisdom among search engine specialists is that keywords in this field are ignored by the search engines because of abuse back in the early days of the web. It won’t hurt to throw in your keywords, comma-separated.

SEO Details and Additional Style

If we have set you up with the Thesis theme framework (generally for our Advanced Web Packages which use a custom design and not our Starter Web Package which uses another theme), you will see this section to modify your Meta Title, Description and Keywords on a page-by-page basis.

All-In-One SEO Plugin

For the web packages which don’t use Thesis, we use a great plugin called All-In-One SEO, which gives very granular control over all this stuff we’re talking about.

To modify any of the global attributes (global means across your whole website), then from the admin, in the left column, go to Settings > All In One SEO. This is very useful in creating some solid SEO implementation across your whole site, particularly if you don’t want to fine-tune each individual Post and Page.

If you have specific questions, let us know and we’ll answer it as a blog post here on